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Pest Control For Commercial Property

For the team at Pest Control Plus, one of our specialties is commercial pest control services. Our team of highly trained and fantastic commercial exterminators can operate in practically any commercial property. In the past, we have worked in everything from apartment buildings and condos to warehouses and even business office spaces. No matter the issue, the team at Pest Control Plus, can deliver top-notch pest control for commercial buildings across Ontario. If you are looking for commercial pest control in Toronto or the surrounding area, then call the best commercial pest control company in the region at Pest Control Plus. All of our services include inspection, preventative measures, and pest remediation, like bed bug removal, and relocation if necessary.

Which Industries do we Serve?

We are proud to offer a wide variety of industries our commercial pest control services.



Hotels are some of our most popular clients, as preventative pest control is their best course of action against travelers while still maintaining their stellar reputations. Our commercial pest control services for hotels are discreet and allow us to seal any potential entry points before pests become an issue for your guests.

Apartment and Condo Complexes

From move-in to move-out the team at Pest Control Plus has you covered. We can provide preventative pest control services in apartment and condo buildings, and if you are facing an infestation, our team can help eradicate pests for good.


The team at Pest Control Plus can help deal with any pest problems like bed bugs or ants. As one of the leading commercial pest control companies, we can ensure that your pests are gone for good, and that is a Pest Control Plus promise.


No matter if you are a local business or a national chain, the team at Pest Control Plus can assist with all of your warehouse pest control needs. We can identify potential problem areas and ensure that any pests are adequately removed.

Retirement / Nursing Homes

Pest Control Plus provides integrated pest management solutions for retirement and nursing homes throughout the Greater Toronto Area and across Ontario. Our extensive experience with these type of business properties will ensure that your facilities will remain clean, safe and pest-free regardless of your current pest control challenges.

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Pest Control Plus Reviews

I highly recommend Pest Control Plus. The technician was absolutely helpful and walked me through exactly what he was doing. Customer services was also great and made sure I was prepared before the technician came out. Highly recommend Pest Control Plus.

Jenny S

Pest Control Plus techs took care of me when I had horrible infestation of bedbugs. I`ve never had to deal with any type of bug in my living space before. I had a few treatments where the techs were very detail oriented and even told me what I could do to prevent the bed bugs from coming back. So far so good, big thank you to the Pest Control Plus team!

Kelsie Bradshaw

I know how challenging it can be when bugs or rodents invade, which is why using a reputable company is so important! Glad to say I made the right choice and went with PestControlPlus! You folks rock, thank you!

Kevin Silver