Pest Control For Apartment Buildings


As one of the leading pest control services for condos and apartments, the team at Pest Control Plus has been providing our clients with quality services for years. We have been working in the GTA, and Hamilton for years, and whether we are working in a condo building or an apartment block, our team can find, remove and prevent pests from your commercial building. With our services, we will ensure that your building is pest free, and will remain pest free with preventative services! You can book one of our services over the phone or online, and one of our reps can chat if you have any questions.

Importance of pest control inspection for apartment buildings

When it comes to commercial pest control in an apartment building, the team at Pest Control Plus is the premier choice for all of your pest control needs. We have been working in the community for years and know that pest control inspections are integral for condo pest control. Here are some of the reasons why pest control inspections are essential:

  • Pest control inspections can help prevent issues before they happen. Whether we are talking larger pests or insects, the team at Pest Control Plus use inspections to spot issue areas and signs of infestation. This can include areas where pests could enter the building and common places where pests can settle down.
  • Pest control inspections allow our team to set-up a schedule for preventative pest control. Our team will look at the building, the pest issues it is facing, and the potential pests in the region.
  • Pest control inspections can help alleviate concerns from residents. By investing in a pest control inspection, residents can rest assured there are no issues, and new residents can move-in without a worry. We can work with owners, and condo boards with ease, and have been doing so for over twenty years.

Why Choose Pest Control Plus?

When it comes to pest control in an apartment building, the team at Pest Control Plus are here to work with your premise. We have been working in this business for over twenty years, and no matter if we are tackling an inspection or a full removal service, our team of professionals are here for you. We provide our clients with both preventive and reactive pest control servicecos across the GTA and Greater Hamilton area. We utilize an integrated pest management approach with each of our job sites. This means that we use calculated and well-thought-out methods to monitor and identify potential pests, prevent the pests from infiltrating your building. If that fails, we have a controlled response to remove and relocate pests. All of the services we offer are entirely eco-friendly and use the latest methods and procedures to ensure the accurate and safe removal of pests. As well, as no two apartment buildings are the same, we create a custom integrated pest management approach for each of our jobs. Whether you are looking to complete an inspection or a full-blown pest control service, the experts at Pest Control Plus is the premier option both here in the GTA, and the Greater Hamilton Area.


How often should pest control inspection be done in apartment buildings?

Pest control inspections should be completed on a needed basis, but every building is a little different. If you are an older building, you may want to consider additional inspections, while if you are in a new build, you can spread our inspections a little more. It will depend on your needs and talking to one of our reps will be the best way to ensure that your building is covered from all pests.

What could residents do to prevent cockroaches in their apartments?

Residents can do quite a lot to prevent cockroaches from infesting their apartments.

    • Clean up refuse
    • Ensure that food crumbs are cleaned up and removed from the apartment
    • Clean up spills as soon as possible

If there is a garbage bin, make sure to use them, and do not store extra trash around the container.

What are the risks of not having pest control inspection?

The risks of not having an inspection are quite immense. Condos and apartments are at a high-risk for pest infestations, and without regular inspections, these pests can get in without anyone noticing. This could mean shutting down a building, or weeks or months of pest control services that could disrupt your resident’s lives.

How long does the process of pest removal go?

The length of a pest removal process will depend on the job site and the issues that the building is facing. Jobs can be as short as a couple of hours, to a couple of weeks, depending on the infestation rate.