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When it comes to pest control in the hotel industry, the team at Pest Control Plus delivers a top-notch pest control service that provides on all ends of the spectrum. Commercial pest control is our specialty, and for our hotel clients, that means handling everything from fleas to raccoons. All of our services include inspection, preventive measures, and pest removal if required. If you are looking to book our services, the best way to do that is to chat with one of our experts on the phone or send along a request via our website.

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Importance of pest control inspection in hospitality

The hospitality industry is all about maintaining your reputation, and pest control inspections are one of the best ways to ensure that your guests enjoy their stay. Our hotel pest control services ensure that our clients receive the detailed, and thorough inspection that ensures that pests are kept away, and existing issues are discovered. One cannot underestimate the importance of pest control in the hotel industry, and here at Pest Control Plus, we deliver a top-notch service every time. Here are some of the benefits that an inspection from our team can provide our hospitality clients.

  • Pest control inspections help alleviate issues before they become major. Small problems such as entry points and cargo doors can present an opportunity for pests to get in and make a home. Our team can spot these issues, and ensure they are closed off before the pests get in.
  • Pest control inspections can find issues and eradicate them. If pests have made their way into your property, our experts can remove the pests, and clean the space before they start to spread. This will limit the infestation to the smallest spot as possible and ensure that your hotel continues to operate as usual.

Why Choose Pest Control Plus?

As one of the leaders in pest control for motels and hotels, the team at Pest Control Plus continues to provide our clients with amazing services. We have been providing pest control in hotel housekeeping, and the rest of the building for over two decades, and from inspections to bed bug removal services, our team can get the job right the first time. Depending on your specific needs, we can provide either preventative or reactive hotel pest control services. We use an integrated pest management system to ensure that our clients get the best possible coverage for their building. This system ensures that our clients enjoy a well-thought method to provide preventive measures to keep pests out, and if needed, a calculated and measured response to remove and relocate pests. This system also ensures that our clients enjoy a custom plan that will tackle their pest issues, rather than an all-in-one approach that the other guys offer. All of our services are eco-friendly, and we aim to provide our clients with green alternatives whenever possible. However, in the rare instance, we do use chemicals, we follow all provincial and federal guidelines to ensure safe application, and clean-up after the fact. With our professionals and our experience, Pest Control Plus delivers hotel housekeeping pest control services that deliver!

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