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Mosquito Pest Control Service in Toronto
In Ontario, mosquitoes are one of the biggest hindrances in the way of fully enjoying our precious Canadian summer months. At Pest Control Plus, we are here to help you plan your barbeques and gather with friends and family in the comfort of your yard, undisturbed by obnoxious mosquitoes, ticks, and other pests.

Why Use Pest Control Plus for Mosquito Treatment

Pest Control Plus’ team uses effective mosquito barrier treatment that kills mosquitoes but remains safe for you, your family, your plants, and pets. We use effective spray products which have proven and long-lasting effects of removing mosquitoes from your property and backyard. Our mosquito pest control treatment is fulfilled under relevant safety protocols by trained and experienced experts.

We are more than just another mosquito exterminator near you in Toronto and Ontario. Being professional pest control service providers, our team offers practical tips on how to avoid breeding mosquitoes and helps clients keep pests away from their properties.

Our professional customer service takes the time to learn about your situation and answer any of your concerns. At Pest Control Plus, we know how precious your summer outdoor time in Ontario is, and will book an appointment at the earliest time possible. We can always help with mosquito treatment for your lawn or yard before your special outdoor event, from a barbeque with friends to weddings and pool parties.

Our Process for Mosquito Treatment

We use a mosquito barrier treatment, spraying your property and the landscape, including trees, shrubbery, and other areas, while leaving your flowers intact to protect the bees. On average, the process takes around 20-30 minutes, depending on the size of the property. You don't need any special arrangement before mosquito pest control treatment, except to keep pets inside for about 30 minutes to let the products dry.

Pest Control Plus mosquito treatment is a safe, odourless, and proven method to keep mosquitoes away from your property and yard. Our clients are always happy with our results and with the approach of our technicians and our customer care team, who aim to keep you satisfied with our service at all times.

Take Back Your Yard from Mosquitoes

If you are looking for mosquito treatment near you in Toronto, look no further: get in touch with Pest Control Plus customer care today to book the earliest appointment with our mosquito exterminator team and take your yard back from mosquitoes.

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