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Birds are a common issue that Pest Control Plus is able to provide solutions for. Find out how we can stop these animals from creating homes, damage and destruction inside of your residence or building.?


Even though birds are some of the most beautiful creatures created, they do transmit and carry a variety of diseases. If they are too close for comfort and have invaded your home or place of work, Pest Control Plus can help you in determining which method of control is best suited for your location.

How Birds Can Cause Damage?

Birds often seek comfort and refuge in roofs and small entrances, and can cause a lot of damage by burrowing, nesting and excavating. Pest Control Plus aims to safely remove any animals or birds that may have wandered undesirably into your life, as well as ensure that there’s no room for these future “visitors.”

How Does the Process of Removal Go?

After the removal of the birds, Pest Control Plus takes additional steps to also apply bird-proof covers to any vents in your residential home (located in your kitchen, bathroom, dryer or any access point) to prevent further chances of nesting. Balconies are cleaned and deodorized to remove harmful bird droppings and messes. Pest Control Plus eases your mind and frees your home of any unwanted memory of these invasive birds.

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