Commercial Services

Pest Control Plus provides its services to a variety of businesses – from office towers to manufacturing facilities, to multi-family properties, to restaurants and beyond. We strongly understand that each business has its own unique needs pertaining to both the company and the specific requirements that are looking to be met. This knowledge allows us to cater to your individual needs in order to provide you with the best outcome for your pest control solution. Pest Control Plus is determined to provide you with its fully dedicated services to both rid your problems and prevent future ones. Each evaluation begins with an on-site visit and consultation which will determine what your specific necessities are. Pest Control Plus then presents you with a pest control program, properly designed and best suited for your situation. This offers you various methods of control and a customized service plan, along with the appropriate documentation. We are ready and prepared to kick-start solutions upon your initial request. Contact Pest Control Plus for a free inspection and let us help you establish a pest control program: guaranteed to eliminate your pests. Call us at 1-855-532-PEST or email us at